Seasons Greetings to All

Posted: December 21, 2009 by doctorjmusic in The Music of Dr. J


Seasons Greetings to All

Hope you have a safe and happy holidays and all the very best for 2010….Dr. J

  1. Jeff Beale says:

    Hi Jeff seems ages I made contact nice to know your laying down the vibes
    I spoke to my Aunt in your neck of the woods Mrs. Jean Dcruz who knows
    your family I have a lot of cousins your way Im sure you have performed
    at some function wiyh them present how great have a great christmas and
    even better 2010 all the best from an old Geothals mate.

    • doctorjmusic says:

      Hi Jeff;
      Thanks for the wishes; all the very best to you and yours.
      I will ask my Mom if she knows the relatives; I”m sure she does – after all this is such a “very small world”.
      Cheers; Dr. J

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