Summer 2010 Gigs

Posted: April 5, 2010 by doctorjmusic in The Music of Dr. J

Summer 2010 Gigs now confirmed:

  • July 10 Ottawa Canada – 50th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Aug 14 & 15 Woodbridge Canada – Pine Valley Carnival.
  1. Shirley & Lionel Lumb says:

    We first heard Dr. J at the launch of a CTR (Tiljallah Relief) book, The Way We Are, in Princeton, NJ. We were so impressed we decided right then that Jeff Ewing had to swing us through our 50th anniversary party in July in Ottawa. We invited him, he agreed.

    Dr. J made a terrific contribution to our gathering (about 80 guests) at the Ottawa Rowing Club. He made sure our videos worked, looked after all the audio and electronic needs, and played our special music when needed. He was affable, entertaining, astute at reading a crowd to know their kind of music and got everyone dancing. If we have one regret it’s that we didn’t give him enough ‘airtime’ – he sure is a crowd pleaser.

    Thank you, Jeff, we’re delighted we chose you. Shirley and Lionel Lumb.

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