Whats’s Up Dr. J ? This weeks updates

Posted: December 1, 2013 by doctorjmusic in The Music of Dr. J

Two gigs this week Nov 27/13 Villa Forum a Seniors Residence and Nov 30/13 a Private Birthday celebration, both in Mississauga. Two somewhat different but not surprisingly similar audiences. The Seniors usually accustomed to music from the 40′ and older simply enjoyed the upbeat tunes from the 50’s & 60’s it was a rocking afternoon. Thanks for having me Pamela, hope to return again.

The Private Party, also a birthday celebration and what an audience, they danced and sang to almost all the tunes, many commenting it was years since they heard them. They were a very involved audience and I was flattered when asked to say for an extra hour performance….it was my pleasure. Many thanks to Rick for the opportunity and Laurie for a gracious hostess, glad I could be part of the celebration.

Till next time,
Dr. J

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