Today’s Live Stream Concert Nov 6/2020

Thank You All for tuning in to My Live Stream today.

Concert Dates & Notices:

  • Concert notices will be posted under Latest News on My Main Web Site
  • To receive an email notification please sign up to “Follow Blog via Email”
  • All gigs posted to Calendar under Covid-19 Virtual Concerts Tab
  • If You subscribe to My YouTube Channel you will also receive a notification from YouTube when the Live Stream begins

Concert Viewing on YouTube:

  • Live Chat Enabled, posted comments for the concert as well chat with other viewers
    • Please Note: while I can see Your comments during the concert; YouTube does not make them available on the “recorded viewing” for up to 24 hours. So I’m unable to respond to your YouTube Live Chat comments till the next day
  • YouTube Live Stream Concert Link can be shared with anyone as the stream is Public.
    • Select Share to send the Link to anyone
  • Recorded Live Streams available through My YouTube Channel; again keep in mind Live Chat Comments will not be in view for up to 24 hours later

My Main Web Site Viewing:

  • All Live Stream Concerts will appear under the Announcement Post referring to the specific concert under Latest News
  • View Live or Recorded Concert under the Same Announcement Post
  • Live Chat (from YouTube) Not available
  • Viewers can record comments on the Announcement Page
  • Announcement Page can be shared (Share Buttons on each page)

Thank You!