This week’s DR. J (JEFF EWING) COVID-19 LIVE STREAM CONCERT 11 AM (EDT) MAR 19/2021 is by invite only. Respondents to my Feb 23/2021 Post have already received an email with instructions etc. I will be back to my regular Friday sessions after the Easter Holidays. Thank You and Stay Safe


  • Jeff music is so refreshing for the body and soul!!!💃🌹❤️


  • Thank you Jeff for a very entertaining Zoom Concert. It was so much fun. Enjoyed it much more than just listening to you on Friday’s as we could interact directly with you and other watchers and even sing along at times. It was also great to put faces to some of your regular listeners from all over the world. Looking forward to your next Zoom concert already. Hope you have one again soon.
    Thanks again. Stay safe and keep the beautiful music coming, Gob bless.


  • Jeff, yesterday’s show was one step closer to a real concert! 🤩
    With microphone ‘on’ everybody is now going hear my ‘croaky’ attempts during the chorus singalongs! Terrible!😱 ………. just joking!!
    Jokes aside, with the camera ‘on’, everybody is now going to notice that I’ve got two left feet when it comes to dancing!👀🥴
    Yes, thanks to the camera, I finally noticed how beautiful your lady ‘fans’ are 😍! this will work as an incentive NOT to miss any of your future Zoom concerts! ….. not joking!
    BTW –
    1. With your initial Zoom Concert yesterday going down well, the next one could be a ‘sell out’!! Is there a restriction on the number of people logging into the show?
    2. Would it be possible for me to pass on the Meeting ID and the Passcode for your next concert to close friends eg. Peter Fanthome, Dolly, Kevin Dessa etc. or do you wish to “invite” them personally?


    • As always thank you for your feedback and observations etc much appreciated. To answer number 1 my zoom account can accommodate up to 100 for number 2 will advise shortly thank you once again…. I did notice those dance moves…have a great one


      • Dr. J (Jeff Ewing)

        HI Bishan thanks for all your feedback; today’s post will address some of your questions and the ability for Anyone to now attend; Thanks again


    • Sinclair Pereira

      Thanks for the zoom show it nice to see us communicating it was enjoyable nice to have more of this God bless.


  • Antoinette Fernando

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for organizing this interactive zoom session today. It was fun, informal, and so enjoyable that I did not feel the time pass. Thanks for kindly obliging with my song request 🙂
    It was so great seeing everyone across time zones come together through music.
    Look forward to another interactive session. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


  • Thank you for the lovely interaction we had on zoom. Everything was perfect… The whole arrangement. Amazing how technology can bring us together from all over the world which seems such a small place. Thanks for singing my request and saving the best for last. Take care Dr. Jeff and may God bless you and your family always.


  • Thank You for those who could make it today, it was a pleasure meeting you and we had a great interactive session. I look forward to a similar show in the near future. Thanks and have a great safe weekend.


  • Yes Dr. J. I have already registered and i wish to be invited to your concert on the 19th.


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