Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Facebook Announcement

I have deactivated My Personal Facebook profile and ceased from using WhatsApp effective today. Like many others, I have become very uncomfortable with the many issues surrounding FB.

My Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Facebook Business Band Page however, will remain active and will continue to host upcoming virtual concerts and provide other music news as necessary; in addition to my main website posts.

Best way to contact me

  • My main website – complete the Contact Form on the About/Contact Page
  • Via Signal (https://signal.org) – replaces WhatsApp and FB Messenger

My Main website also has links to all my Social Media including:

  • Linkedin Business Profile
  • Facebook Band Page
  • ReverbNation Band Page
  • YouTube and Vimeo Video Channels
  • Twitter & Instagram

Hope you understand and again Thank You for your continued support.

Stay Well, Keep Safe and God Bless
Cheers; Dr. J (Jeff Ewing)

2 thoughts on “Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Facebook Announcement

  1. doctorjmusic November 3, 2021 / 8:11 am

    Hi Marissa I will continue to post notices on my main website as well as my FB Band Page; which remains active. Thanks for asking and please stay safe.


  2. karlimari November 2, 2021 / 12:03 pm

    Hi Dr Jeff. Thanks for informing us. But please continue to update us with posts of your upcoming events. I really look forward to hearing your music. Thanks stay safe and God bless


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