Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Virtual Entertainment

Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Virtual Entertainment Available

Today Ontario announced Covid-19 restrictions for modified Step 2 starting Jan 5/2022 (Read Full List: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/full-list-of-ontario-covid-19-restrictions-for-modified-step-2-starting-jan-5-1.5726245)

NO WORRIES – I’m available in any part of the county or time zone for a Virtual Concert. You can check out my virtual concert demos at doctorjmusic.ca (Demos & Reviews Tab)

If your a Retirement or Long Term Care facility please inquire through Silver Source, a premier (one stop shop) provider, specifically for the mature-living and retirement residence industry in Canada.

Silver Source has access to 90 providers that offer a huge range of programs from physical fitness, music, the arts, wellness, entertainment, Continuing education and much more.

If you wish to check them out (no obligation) My contact is:

Heather Bibas Email: heather@silversource.ca

Web site: http://www.silversource.ca FAQ’s:  http://www.silversource.ca/faqs.html

Hope to hear from you soon and see you online. Have A Great Day.


I do not use Copyright Backing/Karaoke Tracks or MIDI files etc. All music arrangements are original and performed/recorded live. Performances may not be recorded/re-distributed without the written consent of the Performer; who will/shall remain the owner of such content.

Music Enhances The Body, The Mind, & The Soul…..Dr. J (Jeff Ewing)

Inquiries, Comments, Feedback & Reviews

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