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Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Covid-19 Facebook Live Concert Series Reviews

Jeff, just want to say thank you for the ‘Tribute to Jim Reeves’. Thoroughly, enjoyed the live performance over here in Kathmandu. Keep safe and stay healthy!

Dr. This was one of the best listening sessions I have had in a while, I even lost track of time & how long this session lasted.It was a wonderful tribute to one of my favorite singers, what made it even more interesting was the fact that these were your own renditions . Relaxed, effortless versions, none of the screaming garbage we hear today, every word was clear & with improved sound quality.Many thanks for the listening pleasure.I am certain your many followers are pleased you are back to see them through the difficult times again. God be with you stay well & safe.

Yet Another Awesome Performance Jeff

Dr., Recvd. “My Folks?Camping Songs”… Crisp & Clear as a bell !! Loved it, great job . Congratulations, very glad for you & all the lucky fans you are accumulating from all over the Globe. just wonderful !! God Be wit you. Sincere Thanks. Wonderful “Pick me up selection”

U sing really well. The background music is great. I am singing some of your songs along. With u and enjoying myself. Thank u for this

Wow what a performance! Enjoyed it thoroughly. Shall wait for the next time.
Sing us another one, Just like the other one, And that was a jolly good one! Listening from Arizona

Your performance is Great and you’re got very good selection of music going Thanks for the music

Enjoyed every minute of my Friday evening with you look forward to our next Friday date

Enjoying your music all the way here in Perth Jeff! Denzil and I LOVE all these songs – songs we grew up with! You still have that GREAT ‘showmanship’ you always had when you were growing up

Wow ! Well planned, orderly, meticulous and systematic. Well sung , great music , superb choice , awesome presentation.

Good on ya mate! 1am here in Western Australia and loving your genre of music. Keep going. Cheerios

A super selection of songs, well planned and presented. Enjoyed listening to you 

Great singing and the best hits that will never fade away. God bless you

 I was feeling very low but felt much better after hearing your beautiful collection of songs…. Thank you again

Awesome! . Jeff you sure know how to entertain us with your lovely voice . I am so proud to find out you are Canadian. You rock Jeff!

Thank you Jeff for doing your part to entertain us while we are locked down. We enjoyed your music.

What you have to done to each of these songs, is you have made it even more pleasurable by adding your very own beat and version to it which has given it that extra impetus /ooomph. Very well done

What a beautiful selection of songs! I so enjoyed listening to you

Thank you Jeff for doing your part to entertain us while we are locked down. We enjoyed your music.

Dr J. you hv 2/3 ppl from Kathmandu watching your live program….

It’s so soothing n lovely to hear your program after a boring day at home since we are still under lockdown…

 It’s 9pm over here in Kathmandu half a bottle of red already downed over here! Going down smoothly with your live show, Jeff!!

U will never know what yr music means to. Me. Yr songs of yesteryear’s takes me back 50 to 55 yrs. I go back to dancing laughing and being so happy with my four sisters

Nambiar fantastic music that makes many people wish to shake a leg