Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) it’s really a small world!

Many of you know and have chatted with Sinclair on my Facebook Concerts. Just wanted to Thank Sinclair and report the following. Several months ago Sinclair mentioned he had a cousin living here in Toronto Roy. I made contact with Roy who then arranged for me to perform for his seniors community; Richview Resident’s Association, that performance was last evening. Roy was present and even live-streamed to Sinclair; I believe it was 5:30 am in India.

Just wanted to thank Sinclair and Roy for making this happen; its was a great evening and I look forward to my next visit to Richview. All the very best, Thank You and Stay Safe; God Bless

Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Richview Nov 17/21

Excerpt from Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Richview Residents’ Association Nov 17 2021 Medley Love, Around The World All of Me

Excerpt from Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Richview Residents’ Association Nov 17 2021

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Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Facebook Announcement

I have deactivated My Personal Facebook profile and ceased from using WhatsApp effective today. Like many others, I have become very uncomfortable with the many issues surrounding FB.

My Dr. J (Jeff Ewing) Facebook Business Band Page however, will remain active and will continue to host upcoming virtual concerts and provide other music news as necessary; in addition to my main website posts.

Best way to contact me

  • My main website – complete the Contact Form on the About/Contact Page
  • Via Signal (https://signal.org) – replaces WhatsApp and FB Messenger

My Main website also has links to all my Social Media including:

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Hope you understand and again Thank You for your continued support.

Stay Well, Keep Safe and God Bless
Cheers; Dr. J (Jeff Ewing)